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How Airlines Work


Passenger Rights

Your rights as an airline passenger are protected by Flight Rights Canada, the Government of Canada's air travel consumer protection initiative.

The members of the NACC are compliant with all provisions and obligations outlined in Flight Rights Canada.

What Happens When You Fly

Prior to Takeoff

Long before passengers arrive at the airport, airline maintenance professionals work behind the scenes to ensure aircraft safety, and flight operations dispatchers prepare and adjust flight plans. While the aircraft is secured, passengers and baggage arrive at the airport for screening. The cabin crew and pilots perform a series of checks and briefings to ensure that everything is in order for a safe and secure flight. Later, flight attendants assist passengers to board and stow their luggage, and the pilots follow the procedures and checklists for a safe departure.

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In Flight

In the air, the crew has responsibility for the safety and security of the flight and all passengers. However, the crew receives constant information and support throughout the flight from Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Dispatch - which coordinates the needs of the flight crew - and various airspace authorities.

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Upon Arrival

Once the pilots have safely landed the aircraft and taxied to the gate, passengers disembark to collect their baggage or make any further connections. As the responsibilities of the cabin crew and pilots come to an end, ground crews take over and maintenance professionals begin whatever repairs must be made before a new flight can take place.

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Rules And Regulations

Since we operate in an industry where the highest levels of safety and security are crucial, many regulatory bodies and organizations play a role in the oversight and regulation of Canada's air carriers.

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Working With Airports

Canada's airlines work constantly with airport authorities at home and abroad to ensure the best possible experience for travellers.

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